Red HENNA WITH HEART 7oz 100% Pure Natural Organic Henna Powder Hair Dye

  • HIGH QUALITY HENNA - Celebrate your natural hair with this ethically sourced 100% organic RED henna powder (7oz | 200g). These beautiful botanicals give frizzy hair the flick while it smooths and coats your strands with semi-permanent pigment.

  • HANDPICKED WITH LOVE - From the foothills of India, local henna farmers hand pick the henna leaves and produce triple cloth sifted henna hair dye powder. The creates the smoothest paste and vibrant henna dye colors.

  • SAY YES TO ECO HAIR DYES - This pure and 100% natural hair dye promotes hair health, strong hair and shine. Say goodbye to the other nasty stuff found in the oxidative synthetic hair colors and dyes on the shelf. Henna with Heart is PPD free, metallic salts free, ammonia free and peroxide free.

  • THE EASY AND ESSENTIAL HENNA HAIR DYE KIT - Makes DIY hair coloring a breeze! Your hair dye kit includes your ESSENTIAL henna eBook with a step by step manual for easy application.  This makes henna application easy so you can focus on you.

  • NO SINGLE USE PLASTICS HERE! This hair color kit includes a resealable pack, compostable inner bags, compostable gloves and 100% biodegradable mixing spoons.

  • Packed with Impact -Help to plant trees with our partnership with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation. Your purchase of your Henna with Heart pack gives back to our beautiful planet.

Red, Light brown and Dark brown available. 

Suitable for men and women.

Please check out our FAQ page or get in touch if you have any questions. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tash Rubie

I was happy with the henna I was using but really wanted to try Henna with Heart because of the eco packaging. I am sold. This is good quality henna powder plus I don't feel bad about plastic waste.

Brianna Hudson

Really happy with Henna with Heart. I have been using henna for a while now and came across this one. Love how it so environmentally friendly and it's really good quality henna powder. I downloaded their free ebook and they have lots of information about henna which is great. I would recommend this henna!


This is a very nice henna powder for your hair you have to be careful to make sure you use gloves unless you want your hands dyed it is 100% natural very easy to use and very easy to apply and I also feel it’s very reasonably priced you get quite a bit of Hannah in here and the directions are very simple to follow I would definitely recommend and would get it again there are other color shade as well

Tonia Dalrymple

I was apprehensive to buy this product because in the past henna hair dye made my hair feel thick and hard to brush. I'm trying to eliminate the amount of chemicals I use in my products so I decided to give henna another try. My hair was shiny and smooth and a beautiful rich tone with this product. I love it and will purchase again!

Maddy Gawler

So impressed, I ordered my dye and it said a week for delivery and it came in less than 2 days!! Packaging is awesome, very durable and they have so much education on it! I am obsessed! Love this product, the packaging and the shipping, can’t rave about it more!