Our Eco-Hair Journey SO FAR.

November 24, 2021 2 min read

Here we spill the beans on why we are striving to be PACKED WITH IMPACT.

It was the quote adopted by Environmental Activist Roz Savage that shocked us into action.

“We need to ask ourselves why we are using plastic as a material that is designed to last centuries for a product which is used in minutes.”

When we started KNOT OKAY., we knew three things:

  • We wanted to celebrate henna. One of our biggest goals is to create a shift in the way we view ‘beauty products’ and to fall in love with using products that are free of harsh chemicals, without the complications of application. We know that henna is an incredible natural colouring product and we wanted to share this message with the world!
  • We wanted to connect with others. The KNOT OKAY. community that is forming is incredible and we are so grateful to be surrounded by amazing people who are sharing the love.
  • We wanted to stand up as a truly eco-friendly option. No greenwashing! If we are using henna because it is kind to our bodies, we want to make sure that in the process, we are kind to the planet.

Research suggests that 52% of consumers are preferring to buy natural or organic hair products and this number is increasing each year.

It didn’t make sense to us that henna (which is an 100% natural ingredient) is being housed in single-use packaging, which did the exact opposite. We were surprised that this was typical, often overlooked and shrugged off as necessary. While we desperately wanted to be proud of the product we were sharing with our community, we knew we had to do some extra digging to see how we could truly say yes to eco-packaging.

Packed with Impact

This journey has taken us many months in the making and will continue to evolve.
At KNOT OKAY., we are constantly learning and choosing to make a positive difference to our planet. We are not perfect but every day we are bettering ourselves. We are proud of how far we have come to bring you henna that includes planet-friendly packaging.
While we aim to provide natural solutions to hair colouring, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact. And we thank you for joining us in spreading the message.

Your Henna with Heart pack comes with...

  • A Resealable and reusable outer packaging
  • Compostable inner bags to store the natural henna powder
  • A Biodegradable mixing spoon
  • Compostable gloves
  • Supporting global reforestation through our partnership with ONE TREE PLANTED.

Our Partnership with ONE TREE PLANTED.

While 20% of global forest coverage is in Asia and the Pacific, those forests are suffering from the highest rates of deforestation.

Planting trees across Asia is helping to rebuild the habitat of critically endangered species like orangutans, elephants, tigers, and more then 1,700 species of birds.
These projects are creating jobs and providing sustainable, long-term income for communities so people and forests can live together in harmony.
With every KNOT OKAY. purchase, you not only help to plant a tree but say yes to giving back to our beautiful planet through this reforestation project. Thank you!

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