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You've done it! The henna is in and your hair is covered. The hard part is done. Your henna and YOU TIME are now both ACTIVATED. Time to enjoy every. last. minute. of. it!

So you want a ZERO WASTE life?

We are all very familiar with the impact that single use plastic is having on our planet. If you are not aware, then perhaps some may say that you have been 'living under a rock'. But even so, you have probably been under the rock with either a plastic water bottle, a couple of straws and 10 lollipop sticks.

What is Henna?

It's only fair that we introduce you to your new friends and tell you the basics about the henna, indigo and amla plants.

Henna Benefits for YOU.

Fair enough if you're asking "What's in it for me?" Here we'll talk through the big benefits of using henna for your hair.

The History of Henna.

Is henna powder good for your hair? With such a common question popping up again and again, it's important we take a step back in time to see henna's rich history.

Things to know BEFORE you henna your hair

Thinking of using henna for your hair? Pat yourself on the back because you have come to the right place. Here are the top things to know before you henna your hair.

How Henna Works.

So a plant that is green is dying my hair a reddish tone... What is that all about?

Sustainable Living is a Journie

This is Journie. She is an eco blogger who is aspiring to live plastic free. Here she tells us her top tips for living sustainably.

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