Welcome to KNOT OKAY.

We are a bunch of ladies ready for change.

While we love looking and feeling our best, we know that this can come at a cost to our bodies and the environment.

KNOT OKAY. is our natural hair care movement.

We are making 100% natural, 100% simple for your hair.

We are starting with the way we color our hair.

The start of a Smoothment.

When we first started our henna hair journey, we fell in love with the gentle goodness of henna as a substitute for chemical dyes.

While henna provides rich red to brown tones, we were frustrated with the mind bogglingly complicated information out there!

KNOT OKAY. works with henna experts to provide you with quality hair coloring solutions that make your hair and the planet shine, without needing a chemistry major.


Henna with Heart.

Meet the KNOT OKAY. Community